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Feast of the Goblin King:
Step Right Up

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the most extraordinary dining event at White Hart Renaissance Faire - "Feast of the Goblin King: A Circus-Themed Extravaganza"! Roll up, roll up, and prepare to be mesmerized by the mystical allure of the Goblin King's realm, now transformed into a whimsical circus under the big top.

What is "Feast of the Goblin King"?

Step through the veil and enter the enchanting world of the Goblin King's Haunted Trail. But beware, for once you venture forth, you'll find yourself surrounded by the spectacle of a magical circus. Our event has been transformed into a circus-themed extravaganza, combining the eerie charm of All Hallows' Eve with the thrill and excitement of the circus!

What to Expect:

Under the grand circus theme, our delightful cast of characters, from goblins to acrobats, awaits to entertain and amaze you. Be dazzled by the captivating performances as you enjoy the day. In the evening prepare to dine upon a spread of delectable dishes and treats, perfectly crafted to delight both young and old.

Throughout the day, the circus comes alive with mesmerizing acts, daring stunts, and interactive performances that will leave you breathless with wonder. And don't be surprised if the Goblin King himself makes a grand entrance - he's the ringleader of this magnificent spectacle!

Is it Suitable for Everyone?

"Feast of the Goblin King" is a magical experience for guests of all ages. Families, friends, and circus enthusiasts alike are invited to join in on the spectacle. We've curated the event to be family-friendly, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the enchantment and marvels of the circus.

Step Right Up to the Goblin King's Feast:

Ready to be enthralled? Don't miss your chance to be part of this enchanting circus-themed feast. Seating for the feast itself is limited, so secure your tickets early to ensure a spot under the big top!

Reservations for the dinner portion of "Feast of the Goblin King" are available on our website right now. Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on social media for updates on ticket availability and more exciting circus-themed surprises.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare to be astounded, delighted, and thoroughly entertained at "Feast of the Goblin King." Step right up, for an day of enchantment and wonder awaits you at the Goblin King's magnificent circus!

Note: "Feast of the Goblin King" is a family-friendly all day event with a touch of whimsy and the thrill of the circus ending in a feast. All guests, young and old, are welcome to join in the merriment and become part of the magical world of the Goblin King's circus.

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