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Support White Hart Renaissance Faire

By becoming a Friend of Whitehart Renaissance Faire, you have the opportunity to directly support and contribute to the enchanting world we create. Choose your level of support and be part of preserving this magical experience for future generations. Your generous contribution ensures the growth and continuation of our beloved faire, allowing us to bring joy, entertainment, and education to all who enter its gates. Join us on this incredible journey and be a vital part of our faire family.

Choose Your Support Level

  • Royal Supporter

    The ultimate experience to White Hart Renaissance Faire's events throughout the year. (Valued $275)
    Valid for one year
    • Two Tickets Per Day for White Hart Renaissance Faire (2024)
    • Two Tickets to The Feast of The Goblin King with Meal (2024)
    • Limited Edition Souvenir
    • White Hart Medallion
    • Personal Thank You Letter From Both Queens
    • Invitation to Any Additional Special Events
    • Two Tickets to The Goblin King's Haunted Trail (2024)
  • Courtly Support

    Upgrade your faire experience with the Courtly Supporter. (Valued $110)
    Valid for one year
    • One ticket per day for White Hart Renaissance Faire 2024
    • Limited edition souvenir
    • White Hart medallion
    • One ticket for Feast of the Goblin King (2023)
    • One ticket to the Haunted Trail (2024)
  • Village Supporter

    Support the Village and Visit any day we are open for the White Hart Renaissance. Season Pass 2024
    Valid for one year
    • One Ticket per day to White Hart Renaissance Faire (2024)
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