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Through the Veil:
The Goblin King's Haunted Trail

Welcome to "Through the Veil: The Goblin King's Haunted Trail" at White Hart Renaissance Faire! Prepare to step into a world of spine-chilling thrills and supernatural wonders as you journey through the mysterious realm of the Goblin King.

What is "Through the Veil"?

"Through the Veil" is an immersive and interactive haunted trail experience like no other. Inspired by the folklore and legends of goblins, ghosts, and creatures that lurk in the shadows, this haunted trail promises to leave you with an unforgettable and haunting experience.


What to Expect:

As you venture into the haunted trail, you will encounter a labyrinth of eerie scenes, bone-chilling encounters, and captivating storytelling. The trail winds its way through a dark and haunted forest, where you'll meet ghouls, goblins, and other supernatural beings lurking in the shadows.

Our scare actors are specially trained to bring the Goblin King's realm to life, ensuring that each step you take is filled with suspense and excitement. Prepare to be spooked and thrilled as you journey deeper into the haunting world.


Is it Suitable for Everyone?

"Through the Veil" is designed to offer a thrilling and spooky experience suitable for both teenagers and adults. While the trail is spooky and atmospheric, we ensure that it remains family-friendly and enjoyable for all who dare to enter. However, we recommend parental guidance for young children, as it might be too intense for the little ones.


Join the Haunting Fun:

We are calling all ghouls, goblins, ghosts, and scare enthusiasts to join us on this eerie adventure! Whether you're interested in becoming a scare actor, volunteering behind the scenes, or joining our talented crew, we welcome you to be part of the haunting team that brings "Through the Veil" to life.

If you're ready to embrace the darkness and venture through the Goblin King's realm, stay tuned for casting calls, auditions, and opportunities to be part of this unforgettable event. Follow us on social media and visit our website regularly for updates on how to join the haunting fun.


Mark your calendars, summon your courage, and step "Through the Veil: The Goblin King's Haunted Trail" for a spine-tingling and thrilling experience that will leave you enchanted and haunted long after you've left the trail.

Are you ready to journey through the veil and face the Goblin King's realm? Join us for a haunting experience like no other!

Note: Due to the spooky and immersive nature of "Through the Veil," parental discretion is advised for young children.

Image by Daniel Lincoln
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