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Cast & Crew

Guinnee McGinty

Keeper of the Children.

Introducing Guinnee McGinty, the Keeper of the Children! Once a daring pirate turned noble Privateer for the queen, she now finds herself on land, taking on odd jobs to support the children under her care. With her eldest daughter, by her side, Guinnee devotes herself to the wellbeing and happiness of the village's little ones. Join us as we uncover the heartwarming tale of a fierce and compassionate soul who protects and nurtures the future generation.

Madame Clarabelle Louisa Paisley, of External Combustion Orchestra

Prepare to be enchanted by the melodies and charisma of Madame Clarabelle Louisa Paisley, a captivating performer from the renowned External Combustion Orchestra. With her elegant presence and undeniable musical talent, she weaves enchanting tales through the power of her voice and instruments. Get ready to embark on a musical journey like no other, where Victorian Gothic, Romantic ballads, and whimsical steampunk collide in a symphony of imagination.

Grace O'Malley

Pirate Queen

Intriguing and fierce, meet the Irish Pirate Queen of the O' Malle clan.

Haggis McHaggis


Meet Haggis McHaggis, the Scottish troublemaker at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. From sword fighting to brewing tea, Haggis can be found all over the village, getting into mischief and entertaining visitors. Don't miss the chance to experience the unique personality of Haggis McHaggis at the faire.

Sister/Midwife Katherine


Teaser: Meet Sister Katherine, the dedicated nun and midwife at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. As an essential member of the medical team, Sister Katherine works closely with Friar Joseph to ensure the health and wellbeing of the White Hart village. With her gentle touch and extensive knowledge of midwifery, Sister Katherine is a true asset to the faire.

Samuel Keystone

Enter the charming world of Samuel, recently hired by Teawanda at the tea shop. Little did she know, Samuel is not just an ordinary employee, but a skilled key smith with a mission to solve Teawanda's chastity belt predicament. Join them on a whimsical and hilarious journey as they navigate the peculiar challenges of unlocking a troublesome chastity belt, all while brewing the finest tea in town.

Madame Whisper

Elizabeth Tudor I

Queen of England

Step back in time to the court of young Queen Elizabeth I, where intrigue and scandal abound. With her fiery spirit and sharp intellect, the queen will enchant and beguile you at every turn.


Teashop Owner

Meet Teawanda, the Crazy Tea Lady and "Queen of the Banana Republic" at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. From purveying the finest teas to offering tasseography and match making services, Teawanda is the village's resident banana-loving enchantress. Come and discover the wild and enchanting world of Teawanda at the faire.

Friar Joseph


Meet Friar Joseph, the friendly and knowledgeable faire Friar and Surgeon. With expertise in advanced herbalism, traditional naturopathy, and holistic health practices, Friar Joseph is the go-to person for all your health needs at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. Come and experience the authentic portrayal of a surgeon and clergyman of the era, complete with Latin and Gregorian chants.

Sir William

Step into the world of Sir William, a former lead commander in service of the Queen who has been demoted to the rank of Private. Join him on a comedic and adventurous journey as he strives to redeem his honor and regain his rightful place in the Queen's favor. With his unwavering loyalty and penchant for mischief, Sir William will keep you entertained and on your toes as he navigates the challenges of courtly life.

Amira Haddar Ramirez de Córdoba

The Enchanting Gypsy Dancer

Join us as we unveil the captivating tale of Amira Haddar Ramirez de Córdoba, a spirited dancer who escaped the confines of a convent to embark on an extraordinary journey with the gypsies. Her vibrant Spanish heritage, coupled with her mesmerizing Moorish influences, infuse her performances with an enchanting allure that will transport you to a world of passion and mystery.


First Mate

Meet Pasha, the exotic first mate of Sir Tipton Sterling at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. From the cold lands of Russia, Pasha is the village's resident rat pucker and beach enthusiast. Come and say hi to Pasha and discover what makes them such an endearing addition to the White Hart village.

Robin Talbott

Fencing Assistant

Meet Minion Robin Talbott, the assistant to Fencing Master Mark Wickersham at the White Hart Renaissance Faire. From performing in fencing demonstrations to offering basic lessons in foil, epee, and saber, Robin is an expert in the art of swordplay. Come and experience the excitement of fencing at the faire.

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