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Learn the lively steps of the era with our experienced dance instructors and show off your moves at our daily dance parties. No experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm!

Knighting Ceremony

the chance to be knighted in a special ceremony, where they receive a knighthood certificate and are declared a knight or lady of the realm. It's a magical experience they will never forget!

Queen's Favor Quest

An adventure for kids of all ages! Complete challenges and tasks throughout the faire to earn a special medallion and become one of the Queen's most trusted knights. Don't miss this chance to join in the fun and excitement!

Archery Class

Rat Pucking

A fun and unique activity that combines elements of golf and target practice. A challenging and entertaining game that's sure to delight audiences of all ages


New 2-lane archery range where attendees can test their skills with a bow and arrow. The range is supervised to ensure safety and provide guidance.

Children's Realm

A designated area for children's activities and entertainment, featuring games like croquet and face painting. Parents can relax while their children play in a safe and fun environment.

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