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Booth Design Tips for Vendors:

Booth Space: Booth space offered is 20ft. x 20ft. If you need more space, please let us know.

Materials: All materials should be of Planet Earth, not man-made artificial material. When selecting materials, remember that wood would have been hand-cut. You can find poles, rough-cut timber, and burlap used for ground cover that looks great. Nylon shade cloth is not allowed unless it's for backstage to cover windows of a kitchen. Avoid using PVC pipes or any man-made artificial material.

Decorations: Consider incorporating authentic period-appropriate decorations that match the era depicted. You can find inspiration by going to the library or your favorite video store and getting movies based on 1400s --- 1700s.

Colors: When choosing colors, consider dulling down any bright colors with a cold dye to achieve a flat color that fits the era depicted. Colors like yellow, red, blue, green, and brown can be obtained at any market.

Roof and Canopy: You can use burlap, canvas, cotton, wool, horsehair, or even llama to create a roof or shade canopy for your booth. Consider sewing layers together to create a design of the period or show off your wares.

Walling and Fencing: Consider using old fencing, grape stakes, or deadwood for dressing and fencing. You can also find a rock pile of various sized stones from boulder sized to pebbles available for walls, foundations, pathway and garden edgings, etc.

Planting Garden: You are allowed to plant a garden. Flowers and herbs should be of types that grew in the era depicted. We encourage everyone to research his or her theme.

Space Closure: Bring a few extra yards of material to hang between you and your neighbor to close off your back booth space.

Permanent Booths: Those who want to build permanent booths should let us know well in advance so that we can discuss the standards we have in mind to ensure a unified village look with individual touches. You will be responsible for purchasing your framing and paint, but we can supply the facade wood.

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