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Quest Boart

Throughout the day, patrons can form pairs or teams to take on various quests listed on the Quest Board. Each completed quest earns influence points for their chosen faction: goblin, fae, undead, or human. With over 50 quests to choose from, participants will engage in challenges, puzzles, and adventures that test their skills and wits. The team with the most completed quests by the end of the night earns a grand prize and the honor of influencing the realm's fate.

Talent Showcase

A lively talent show where attendees can sign up to perform their unique skills, whether it be singing, juggling, magic tricks, or other entertaining acts. The Goblin King himself judges the performances, and the most impressive acts receive special awards.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Participants can showcase their artistic skills by carving pumpkins into intricate and spooky designs. Pumpkins and carving tools are provided, and the finished products are displayed for all to see. The Goblin King and his court judge the entries, with prizes awarded for the best carvings.

Archery Class

Sword and Archery Tournament

Each faction is looking for their best warriors to compete in age-restricted, paid entry sword and archery tournaments. These contests test the skill and bravery of the participants, with grand prizes awarded to the champions who bring honor to their faction.

Costume Contest

A showcase of the most creative, authentic, and amusing outfits. Participants parade their costumes in front of the Goblin King's court, with awards given for the best costumes. This is a highlight for those who love to immerse themselves in the fantasy world with elaborate and imaginative attire.

Medieval Feast

The grand feast features themed dishes and beverages. There are reserved seats for paid feast participants, who will enjoy specially set-aside food. All attendees are welcome to join the feast festivities outside of the reserved section, enjoying the ambiance, entertainment, and community spirit.

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